Standard Warranty Service Commitment

Dear customers
Thank your for purchasing our products! In order to protect rights and interests of customers, we make the following standard warranty service commitment to you:

>>>One-year Warranty

All LIY7 products come with 1 year full warranty from the date of its original purchase.

>>>The followings are excluded from warranty cover

We cant provide free service when the product performance failure caused by the following causes. And you may choose paid service.

• Over 1 year free maintenance period.

• No valid certificate and valid invoice (except those that can prove that the products are within the free maintenance period).

• The product model and serial number on the certificate are not consistent with the real products.

• Damage caused by misuse without following manual and abusive action

• Failure or damage caused by virus infection during use

• Products purchased from unauthorized retailer and distributor

• Damage caused by chemical, fire, radioactive substance, poison, liquid.

• Other failures or damages caused by non-product design, non-technology, non-manufacturing, non-quality, etc.

• Failure or damage caused by disassembling or manual handling by customer themselves but not LIY7 technology maintenance organization.

>>>Customer consultation service

If you need to consult the technical problems related to the product please e-mail us at: Our engineers will provide professional solutions for you.
>>>Data Backup

Please make timely backup important data in daily use or when accept maintenance. We are not responsible for any loss caused by data loss during use or maintenance.

>>>Warranty Certificate 
Purchase invoices and certificates are the important basis for your request of after-sales service of LIY7. Please keep them properly and take them with you every time you need the after-sales service. We cannot provide free maintenance if you cannot show the purchase invoice, voucher, or has been altered, blurred, unable to identify, or the information recorded the information recorded is inconsistent with the faulty machine.

This warranty only applies to mainland China.