Term of use

Privacy protection system                                           

LIY7 focuses on protecting your privacy. We will use your personal information as you wish. There is a prompt on the navigation bar at the bottom of each page where you need to fill in your personal information. These tips apply to all information collected or submitted on LIY7.com.

The collection of personal information 
on our website allows you to access information, provide application information, download application forms, and access your personal account. LIY7.com protects your personal information securely, reliably and fairly. We only use your personal information for matters related to LIY7.

Collection of non-personal information 
We collect network operational data when using the website. We also use IP addresses, web browsers, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), participation and presence pages, operating systems, date and time IDs, web page modifications and tracking of your actions and total usage. None of the above information will be associated with your personal information. We have always been concerned with search options, so we know what kind of browsing group we are facing. We do this to better improve our website to meet your needs.

How we use your information 
We only provide your personal information when we need to complete a request for information. We will not provide your information to unrelated third parties. Your personal data stored in LIY7.com is safely stored and is not released to the outside world. Of course, you will need to provide the necessary personal information in the mail. We will do our utmost to protect your privacy, but you must take care to prevent personal information from being exposed in the public network environment. We will only use the "provide family" feature for the information you provide to others. We do not share your personal information with the outside world. The information you provide to us to edit the message will only be used to edit the message and will only be presented to the recipient. We use the address of the email reply to reply to the email we received. These addresses are not used for other purposes and are not shared with the outside world. LIY7.com may provide third-party collaborators with general data about our customers, sales, transaction patterns and related website information, but such data will not include your personal information. Finally, we will never use or share your personal information online with unrelated parties.

Browse or change your personal information 
You can log in to your online personal account by entering your account number and password. We perform this procedure to better protect your personal information. You can change the individual does not meet the requirements on account of the actual error in this way: Send e-mail to liy7@liy7.com.
To protect your privacy, we will further verify your identity before approving information changes.

Your permission 
To use our website will automatically permit LIY7.com to collect and use its personal data. If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will post all changes on this page so that you can always understand what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances. If we want to use your personal information outside of the above stated circumstances, we will notify you by email. You can choose whether or not to allow us to use your personal information in exceptional circumstances. If your email cannot be contacted, your personal information will not be used in exceptional circumstances. In addition, if we have any technical changes regarding privacy protection that do not affect the saved data, we will post a conspicuous notice on the website to inform you. In some cases, when we post a notice, we will also selectively send emails to some users.

Please tell us your thoughts and comments. 
LIY7.com welcomes you with all questions and comments about this system. If you have any questions or thoughts about this system, please email liy7@liy7.com.